The P2E Metaverse universe powered by Binance Smart Chain.

BSChex is blockchain's first entertainment aggregator and licensed producer of original motion picture, exclusive Pay-Per-View events, and surreal gaming experiences. This unified ecosystem is all fuelled with $BSChex tokens through open-source software and secured by cutting-edge blockchain technology. Vote, fund, and earn in a variety of pioneering ways.
Project Features

BSChex consists of three core zones


BSChex Metaverse
The ultimate gaming, NFT, P2E Experience.


BSChex Live
The next generation streaming platform, powered by blockchain networks.


BSChex Token
Our exclusive in game currency and highly utile governance token.
Competitive games
Play a broad variety of minigames which is free for everyone while playing in our metaverse.
Single player games
Indulge in mini games, quest trough storylines, get involved and earn $BSChex.
A wide variety of games including roulette,
slot machines, poker, blackjack and more.
Pick your favorite side and bet on sport competitions such as MMA, boxing,
soccer, basketball, etc...
Gaming Tournaments on multiple platforms
featuring popular games such as CS:GO,
Fifa, League of Legends, Fortnite etc...
Test your luck and take part in the daily
lottery or BSChex's grand lottery to win
lucrative prizes.
Access live content from global sources including live TV, movies, series, documentaries and PPV events in one search bar without ads.
Artists, film makers, live streamers and others
can use our platform to post their videos
and get paid in $BSChex.
Vote on who receives funding for the next
BSChex Original, or fund creators directly
and earn a % of their NFTicket sales.
BSChex Original Productions
Original content created by our partner EU-licensed production studios visual-vr, producing motion pictures to compete with production studios those of Netflix and Amazon Prime.
Review & Award
Uncensored, blockchain-verified reviews and
awards voting. The annual Diamond Hands
Awards are the worlds’ first decentralized
and fairly-selected awards.
Become part of the BSChex family and submit games to be featured on our D'app and earn a passive income from players' buy-ins.

Token Distribution

Total Supply 8,000,000,000 $BSChex
Final Supply 1,000,000,000 $BSChex
Presale + Liquidity Pool
30% of the total supply is allocated to presale and liquidity pool. Private sale rate: 0.001$ / BSChex
Launchpad rate: 0.00135$ / BSChex
Listing rate: 0.0015$ / BSChex
Note: LP locked for 3 months.
Burned Wallet
The BSChex Burned Wallet will receive its share from the 1% reflections in a process that slowly removes tokens from circulation thus increasing the value of the remaining tokens.
Team Wallet
The BSChex Team Wallet contains funds reserved for founders who initially funded and started the project. No wallet can sell below their percentage allocation and only the reflections will be tradable for the first 4 years.
Operations & Marketing Wallet
10% of the total supply will be allocated to fund the following: 1- Marketing: Ongoing marketing campaigns, influencers and in-house marketing experts, social media moderators and designers. 2- Research & Development: Ongoing updates to the website and D’app including a schedule of enhancements to the user experience via new features to be launched on a monthly basis. 3- Partnerships and Licensing: Secure the biggest and best releases and rights such as major MMA and Boxing events.

$BSChex "Trikenomics"

The $BSChex Protocol charges 12% transaction fees and it is distributed to 3 main features: token reflections to all holders, buy-back (we call it the Robin Hood System) and crypto collateral asset rewards to be claimed by holders from our rewards D’app.
$BSChex Distribution
1% $BSChex reflections to all holders including burned wallet. The other 1% will be reflecting to operations wallets.
Robin Hood, our buy-back system uses the collected tax to buy back BSChex tokens, then instantly burns them which increases the token's value.
BNB Distribution
2% To be claimed by holders from our rewards D'app & the other 2% to be utilized as project reserves.
Liquidity Pool
2% of every transaction contributes toward automatically generating further liquidity on Pancake Swap.
No private wallet can sell more than 0.1% of the circulating supply per day.
No private wallet can hold more than 1% of the total supply at any
given time.

Our Partners & Advisors

A microservices-driven blockchain project that uses the Proof of Credit consensus mechanism to mine via staking.
UK based sports company supplier for sports equipment & PPE for events.
BSChex's PPV Events Management Vida offers services for athlete management, Event management & match making.
Media & Branding Advisor.
BSChex's exclusive fight wear supplier.
BSChex's staffing & recruitment agency.